Test Taking 101: Assume Your Proctor is An Idiot

Mean NerdStandardized tests are bad enough on their own accord: they’re always early on a Saturday morning; they’re exhausting; they’re boring; they’re stressful. And, to top it all off, they’re proctored by idiots most of the time…

Always assume that  your proctors will NOT know what they’re doing. Do not rely on them for time, do not rely on them to control the environment, and do not rely on them to give you proper instructions.

To idiot-proof your examination:

  1. Wear a Watch!  Keep track of the time you have and the time remaining on your own.
  2. Wear layers! The thermostat in the room will most likely be set at boiling lava or Arctic blast – so be prepared for either.
  3. Read directions!  Always take the time to read the directions on each section of an exam or bubble sheet.  Do not rely on your proctor to tell you what to do.

And lastly, although this is not the proctor’s fault – bring some Kleenex. It’s not necessarily for you, though.  If you’re stuck next to the kid with the sniffles in the room, pass him a tissue.  It will be much easier for you to concentrate without runny-nose boy.

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