The ACT Science Cheat Sheet

Want to ace the ACT science section? Follow these surefire strategies:

Go out of order: There will be one reading passage plus six chart or graph passages. Save the reading passage for last, as it takes the most time and you don’t want to get stuck (or frustrated!) right from the start.

Time yourself: Each science passage should take roughly 5 minutes to complete. Time your practice sections, making sure to stick to this pace.

Make your mark: The best way to avoid careless mistakes is to mark up the science passages as you go along. Draw lines on your graphs, circle numbers in your charts, and underline the specific details a question is looking for (just don’t start daydreaming and doodling!).

It’s not rocket science: Not a science whiz? No worries! The science section doesn’t test your understanding of science, just your ability to read, analyze and interpret. Look where the questions tell you to look and you’ll uncover your answers easily.

Read less: An SAT/ACT tutor telling you NOT to read something on the test? Yes, it’s true! Reading the blurbs will cost you precious time. Focus on the charts and graphs in a passage, using the questions to guide your eyes. Remember, the answers are right in front of you; you just need to find them!

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