The New SAT Essay

The NEW SAT was officially launched at around 8:00 AM on March 5th, and I was excited! Having worked with students these past few months on the new SAT, I can see that this test is not only teachable but also an exam that helps students within their high school math, English, and history classes. Now, students and parents will not view SAT prep as an “extra” but rather as an “extension.”

Much has been written these past few months about the new SAT essay. Many (most) colleges are not evaluating the essay this year, and it will not be a factor in students’ overall SAT score. Yet, students should sit for the essay because a few schools require the essay even though they are not evaluating. The few schools that do indicate that they will look at essay scores will have a very difficult time evaluating these scores effectively for the essay to hold much weight. (Essay scoring is explained in the video referenced below).

*Click here to see the essay requirements for specific colleges.

Yet, it is important that students are not surprised or overwhelmed on test day. Also, the SAT essay reflects the reading and writing being taught within our schools; therefore, reviewing and practicing the SAT essay will only help students’ writing now and in the future. The essay asks students to show how effectively they can read and comprehend a passage and write an essay analyzing how the author builds his/her argument. Students are evaluated on their understanding of the passage, their analysis of the author’s argument, and how well they write a comprehensive essay.

Please click here to watch an ESSAY LESSON in which I explain in detail how to write the SAT essay. In the video, I teach the four key outlines to memorize, the rhetorical devices students need to know, how the essay is evaluated, how to analyze the passage, and how students should pace themselves.

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