The Superbowl of Testing: The SAT. How to Practice for the “Big Game”

American football teamTest days tend to come out of nowhere… all of the sudden the SAT is only a few weeks away.  Therefore, it is crucial to be engaging in deliberate practice.

Deliberate practice entails focus, application and analysis. Deliberate practice entails truly engaging and immersing yourself in study when test day is around the corner.  It is not enough to just be doing a test a week or going through the routine of answering the 6 questions online.  You need to deliberately evaluate your learning.   A baseball player trying to perfect his game might spend 2 hours in the batting cage perfecting his swing.   After every hit he evaluates his stance, his hand positions, his swing, etc. in order to master his technique.

At this point, studying for the SAT should utilize the same training.

Don’t just take a test!  Pinpoint your weaknesses.  If you are answering the majority of the dailyprep grammar questions wrong, you should go through the workbook or CollegeBoard book and do extra grammar sections!  Reread sections in your grammar book, English in EnglishThat is deliberate practice, and that is what ensures great SAT scores.

Understanding what you’re doing wrong allows you to fix the problem!

The Application of Deliberate Practice

The Psychology of Deliberate Practice

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