Time Is on Your Side

Picking the standardized test that is best for YOU should not just be a coin toss. The different tests play to different strengths. One of the key factors in deciding whether to take the SAT or ACT is how much time a student needs to complete the test.

  • The SAT is generally a better test for students who struggle with time because it allows more time per question.
  • The ACT has been more about beating the clock – especially when it comes to the reading and science sections. Students often think the ACT is “easier” because it is a ┬ámore “literal” test, BUT if a student is not a fast reader then the test can be quite difficult.
  • Good news! The new SAT is even more favorable to students who need extra time. In essence, the new timing equates to being awarded time and a half on the current ACT!

A great plan, moving forward, might be to start out studying for the ACT. If you struggle to beat the clock, then turn to the Redesigned SAT. This test is similar to the ACT but with one important difference – time is your friend and NOT your foe!

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