Tips to Rock the 2013 ACT!

Here’s one New Year’s resolution you won’t want to break: rock the 2013 ACT! You can make this resolution a reality with these five helpful tips:

English: The context (style and structure) questions usually require more thought than the grammar questions do. Focus first on just the grammar questions within each 15 question passage (there are 5 passages per English section). Once you’ve completed the grammar questions, you can tackle the context questions with much more success.

Math: The math section is in order of increasing difficulty. Strong math students should make sure to allow themselves enough time to finish the more difficult questions. However, if in practice you see that you struggle with the harder questions, spend the needed time and be sure to ace the first 30 questions. Don’t stress if you run out of time and don’t get to the last few questions.

Reading: You will always be presented with four long readings – Prose, Social Science, Humanities and Natural Science. There’s no rule about what you need to read first. Start with your strongest subject, and end with your weakest! You must practice taking a bunch of readings in order to evaluate what is your strongest and weakest. Helpful Tip: 75% of my students find the Prose reading most difficult.

Science: Skip the reading blurbs and focus only on the charts and graphs in a passage. Use the questions to guide your eyes to the right answer.

Essay: This is a persuasive essay. You must choose a side and convince readers your side is the “right” side! Include 3-4 distinct reasons that support your side. Less than three ideas and your argument is weak; more than four ideas and you don’t have time to develop each fully. Make sure to bring up the opposition and knock it down!

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