Making Big Words a Part of Each Day: Vocabulary Prep

DictionaryBuilding a vocabulary is not an easy task – it requires understanding, memorizing and integrating.  But improving one’s vocabulary improves one’s understanding of the English language, and therefore one’s critical reading, writing and reasoning skills. 

An increased vocabulary equates to increased SAT scores. 

Unfortunately, reading a dictionary or thesaurus rarely makes the top of any “to do” list,  nor do memorizing flash cards and studying Latin word roots. Not to worry! You can improve your vocabulary by studying just a few words each day.  

Get a jump start on vocabulary over the summer.  Make flashcards of top-ranked SAT words and store them in a shoebox. Grab a handful each day and flip through.

The perfect place to become a “word-monster” is in the bathroom, where you’re sure to make several daily trips.

Vulgarity aside, keeping a shoebox full of vocab flashcards on the back of the toilet ensures that for a few minutes each day, vocab is revisited.

It’s a proven fact that the more times you see something, the more likely you are to remember it. So get those words in your bathroom and flip through several cards every time you use the toilet!

Or, check out these vocabulary shower curtains! They’re great things to stare at while you lather up.

Feeling compassionate? Learn vocabulary while you help feed the hungry! is a great site to pick up some big words while making small donations of rice for each correct answer.

Not a visual learner?  Try Rock the SAT, a CD containing songs with vocab-packed lyrics.

And of course,our personal favorite…

WilsonDailyPrep offers an interactive 1000-word vocabulary game that includes only the top-ranked SAT words you’re bound to see on test day! 



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  1. Daniel Rose

    I would like to learn about your vocabulary-building exercises, and the list of top 500 SAT words.
    Thank you, Daniel Rose


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