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wilson-arms-outThe entire college admissions process seems a blur of confusion, deadlines and anxiety to many parents and students alike.

But, with a little organization, insight from the experts and a few deep breaths, getting into college can be stress free!

Laura Wilson, founder and CEO of WilsonPrep and WilsonDailyPrep, lives and breathes test prep. From when to take what test to what to do if there is a sneezing student in the test room with you, Wilson has the answers. And, she’s sharing them through this blog.

The WilsonPrep Blog will offer the latest tips, test-taking strategies and need-to-knows  of the college admissions process.

Don’t panic! Let the professionals do the worrying, the researching, and the answering. (You just have to keep up on your weekly reading.)

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  1. PK

    I am glad that you started blogging Laura. I look forward to reading all your tips on SAT and ACT preps!


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